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Kusadasi sale Atlas Life Residence 3 + 1

310,000 TL

Price: 310,000 TL

Property ID: 004
Area: 113m²
Number of rooms: 3+1
Number of bathrooms: 2
Garages: Our
Building Age: 1
Floor: 3
Number of floors: 5
Heating: Central
Furnished: No
User Status: Null
In a housing complex: Yeah
Fences (TL): Our
Available for Loan: Yeah


'Your home Quality, Full Time your investment earnings Translator' New Generation Central Heating System Project we are Waiting for You.
3 is a block of 60 apartments were started, making 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen Apartment Our options are available.
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Kusadasi For Sale


  • On - Parking
  • ADSL
  • Woodwork
  • Elevator
  • Close to the street
  • Steel door
  • Second Bathroom
  • Duplex Window
  • Earthquake
  • entryphone
  • In Nature
  • Shower
  • Parents Bathroom
  • Closet
  • Security
  • hydrophore
  • Isıcam
  • Cable TV
  • Doorman
  • Plasterboard
  • Available for Loan
  • Central heating
  • Playground
  • Parke
  • PVC window
  • Sauna
  • Sports Facility
  • Spot Light
  • Land Registry
  • Swimming pool

Useful Data

  • Distance from city center: 1,2 Km.
  • Distance from hospital: 3 Km.
  • Distance from shopping center: 2 Km.
  • Distance from police station: 2 Km.
  • Distance from schools: 1 Km.
  • Distance from bus stop / station: 100 M.
  • Distance from airport: 90 Km.